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Whole House Dehumidifiers - Maintain Optimum Comfort

If you are looking for a whole house dehumidifier then Santa Fe is the best choice for you. Dehumidifiers work to extract excess moisture from humid air in order to keep humidity at levels that would not discomfort the occupants nor damage interior furniture. Lower humidity levels also prevent the growth of molds and mildew as well as reduce musty odors. The Santa Fe whole house dehumidifier is capable of dehumidifying an area of up to 2200 sq ft, removing approximately 86 pints of water per day. Environment settings range from between 20% to 80%. The beauty of having this dehumidifier around is that water is removed from the system through a built-in 20 feet drain hose. A condensate pump is installed internally to help pump the water out, leaving the owner with nothing to do but to go about their daily lives. Even if temperatures drop to as low as 53°F, this dehumidifier’s internal sensors will shut the unit off upon any sign of frost build-up. Apart from that, the defrost mechanism works to de-ice the internal coils, keeping the dehumidifier in optimum efficiency.
Incidentally, this whole house dehumidifier is also the only dehumidifier that comes with a HEPA filter or an activated carbon filter installed to help clean the air. The HEPA filter also plays an important role in preventing air particulates from clogging up internal systems of the dehumidifier. In place of the HEPA filter, buyers can also opt for pleated filters or potassium media filters. Furthermore, its low noise emission levels and easy to match appearance also makes it suitable for use in the office, large studios or libraries. The Santa Fe whole house dehumidifier makes for an ideal investment with a 1 year full warranty and an additional 5 year warranty on the condenser, compressor and evaporator. At 130 lbs, this dehumidifier may be a little hard to move around the house much less the basement. Yet, once it is set up in the house, the wheels allow for higher mobility. At three feet tall by two feet wide, the whole house dehumidifier is available for approximately $1750.

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