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Sears Dehumidifiers – Convenience And Efficiency

Only available at Sears, the White Kenmore dehumidifiers are available in three different models. The differentiating factor of each of these Sears dehumidifiers is their water removal rates which are at 35, 50 or 70 pints of water per 24-hour cycle. All Sears dehumidifiers are equipped with washable air filters and indicator lights to indicate a full bucket. The 22-pint buckets can also be removed easily from the front of the units so that collected water can be emptied. As an alternative, the water can also be drained from the unit with a drain connector that comes separate from the appliance. Sears dehumidifiers are controlled with a humidistat which allows users to choose any of the desired humidity levels between 35% and 70%. The dehumidifiers can also be set into timer modes. This means that users can select to run the unit for 3 hours (or 6 hours) after which the unit will automatically shut down for the same selected period before repeating the cycle. A few flaws in the design of the Sears humidifier are that there is no timer display to indicate the usage duration or the humidity levels of the room.

Nevertheless, Sears dehumidifiers are equipped with an auto restart feature that allows the unit to restart in the event of a power failure. However, the settings of the unit will return to the default. Although the Sears dehumidifier comes with an auto defrost function, it does not work well at temperatures below 65°F as it tends to warm up the air in the room. In terms of noise levels, Sears dehumidifiers are found to be noisier as compared to Comfort-Aire or Danby Silhouette dehumidifiers. However, in terms of the speed of dehumidification, it does work great. The operational speed somehow balances out the shortfall of the constant droning noise that it generates. The irony of having such an excellent working dehumidifier is that the dehumidifier tends to move in and out of a cycle very quickly within a short span of time, between 3 and 5 minutes. Upon reaching humidity levels selected by the user, the self-regulating monitor will switch the device off and on every few minutes in order to maintain the preset levels. This function tends to take up a lot of energy and raise electricity consumption in the process, despite of it being an Energy Star appliance.

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