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Santa Fe Dehumidifiers - Heavy Duty Power

If you have a large basement that needs dehumidifying, look no further. You’ve just found it in Santa Fe dehumidifiers. They are powerful dehumidifiers able to handle crawl spaces, large basements as well as whole houses. With coverage areas ranging from as low as 1200 sq ft to a maximum of 2500 sq ft., the amount of moisture that can be extracted from the air vary from between 90 pints and 135 pints (per 24 hour cycle).

In addition to the great dehumidifying power, these units are also fitted with 2 air filters: a pre-filter and a fabric filter. The foam pre-filter can be vacuumed or hand washed to retain optimum filtration while the pleated fabric filters can be vacuumed clean. Santa Fe is also the only dehumidifier manufacturer to provide an optional installment of HEPA filters. Furthermore, this brand of dehumidifiers also comes with an anti-frost feature. The sensors will detect and trigger the anti-frost system to startup and prevent the build-up of frost on the internal coils. This allows it to operate at temperatures of down to 53°F. In addition to that, Santa Fe dehumidifiers also come with independent working air blowers to raise dehumidifying rates.
With such heavy-duty dehumidifying capabilities, Santa-Fe dehumidifiers tend to be a little noisier than others. Since these dehumidifiers are best installed in basements, the noise generated will not interrupt much of routine daily life. Nevertheless, Santa Fe has included an optional noise muffling kit should the noise of their humidifiers become unbearable.

One feature of Santa Fe's dehumidifiers which may be a drawback is their weight and size. The largest of the lot, the whole house dehumidifier weighs at 130 lbs and measures three feet tall and two feet wide. This makes the unit rather cumbersome to be lugged down into the basement. However, once you have managed to place it there, the unit can be easily moved as there are wheels included. Certain reviews have warned of the castors breaking but manufacturing companies have stated that have included free replacements if this happens.

Finally, ducts are also sold separately and can be installed to direct air from one room to the dehumidifier in another room if there is inadequate storage space for the big-sized dehumidifiers. As for water removal, they are also equipped with drainage systems that depend on gravity to pull the water down. Alternatively, separate condensate pumps are fitted, working to drain the water if the flow drainage fails. All Santa Fe dehumidifiers share a 1-year full warranty as well as a 5-year warranty on all sealed systems, including the condenser unit.

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