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All About Home Dehumidifiers

The fact that a home dehumidifier can be a great addition to your home cannot be disputed. But with so many different kinds available in the markets to choose from, the question of which dehumidifier for the home to buy can be a tricky one to answer. Here’s some information to help you in your choice.

Home Dehumidifier Types

  1. Whole house dehumidifiers: These are large full size units with the capacity to reduce the humidity levels in your entire house. These can be used to dehumidify areas that are as large as 3000-4000 square feet in size. Whole house dehumidifiers with a humidity control and hygrometer are great to maintain relative humidity levels in your home as they sense the level of moisture in the air and automatically adjust the humidity levels to the optimum requirement.
  2. Portable dehumidifiers: As the name suggests, these are units that can be moved between rooms and can be placed where their need is the maximum. Portable dehumidifiers are smaller than whole house units and use less energy to function, but can provide as thorough dehumidification as their larger counterparts.
  3. Closet dehumidifiers: These units are meant for use in cupboards and usually do not need to be plugged into any electrical socket. Instead of having cooling and heating coils as other dehumidifiers, the closet variety contains silica gel, salt, or some such material that saps moisture from the air, leaving it less humid.
  4. Basement dehumidifiers: These are perfect for your home if you have a dark and damp basement, where mold growth, mildew, and fungus can be a big problem. Such units can also be used to dry your basement after flooding.

Which type of home dehumidifier you choose will depend on your individual requirements. But whatever your choice, make sure that the dehumidifier is sized properly. It should be big enough so as to be effective at decreasing humidity, without being too big for the specified area. By measuring the area and knowing its square footage, you can ensure that you choose the right home dehumidifier for the job.

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