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Danby dehumidifiers are available in five different models, with the sixth being the Danby Silhouette, a low temperature dehumidifier. These dehumidifiers are capable of a coverage area ranging from 1000 sq ft to a remarkable 3400 sq ft. Among all the Dandy dehumidifier designs, the one model with the greatest number of positive reviews is the Silhouette model. The Danby silhouette dehumidifier has been reviewed by dehumidifier testers and has been found to be the quietest low temperature dehumidifier in the current market. Priced at around $300, this machine is capable of covering an area of between 1000 to 1200 sq ft, which makes it ideal to be used in residential areas, basements, offices and even the bedroom. This Danby dehumidifier works well even at temperatures of as low as 42.8°F and is capable of removing approximately 58 pints of water in a day. When temperatures get too low, the dehumidifier’s auto-defrost system will kick in and shut the unit down. This works to prevent the formation of frost on the internal coils. Operations are controlled with an electronic LED display and instructions can be keyed in with soft touch keypads. Humidity settings can be changed at 5°F increments. Otherwise, users can just conveniently change settings through the use of a remote control. 
As for the removal of collected water, users can choose to manually displace the storage bucket, attach a gravity drain or obtain an external pump to pump the water out. An indicator light will light on at the LED display when the bucket reaches the maximum capacity. The design of the Danby dehumidifier also makes it ideal for places with limited space since it can be pushed against a wall. Air flow enters through the front of the unit and dried air will flow out from the top of the unit. An air filter is also attached to prevent larger particles from entering and clogging up the internal systems of the unit. Moving the 55-lb dehumidifier is also a breeze with castors and side handles. One thing that the Danby Silhouette dehumidifier lacks is an auto restart feature. Once a power outage occurs, the dehumidifier can only be restarted manually. Also, as the storage bucket can only handle small capacities the bucket fills up fairly quickly, and therefore would need to be emptied several times during humid days.

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