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Comfort-Aire Dehumidifiers For Comfort and Peace of Mind

Comfort-Aire dehumidifiers have always been reviewed with value and high praise. With dehumidifying rates of between 30 pints to a high of 65 pints (over a 24 hour cycle), Comfort-Aire dehumidifiers are able to cover areas between 1000 sq ft and 2500 sq ft. Of all the models, the 501 and 601 are considered the best buys. The 501 model dehumidifies 50 pints of moisture per day whereas the 601 works at a higher rate of 65. Both come with washable and reusable air filters, along with an exterior of stone white which works wonderfully with any type of interior décor.

One of the most interesting features of a Comfort-Aire dehumidifier is the lower operation temperatures of 42°F as compared to 65°F for conventional dehumidifiers. This means that units are capable of working until temperatures of 42°F before they automatically shut down. In order to prevent frosting over, these units are also equipped with automatic defrost functions. Hence, it is not surprising to find many users placing Comfort-Aire dehumidifiers in their basements for the purpose of humidity control. In fact, they are equipped with an automatic restart feature starting the unit again after a power outage.
As for humidity control, these models are incorporated with an electronic humidistat each with LED displays and touchpad settings. During operations, the two readouts on the panel will depict the chosen humidity level as well as the current humidity level. The unit will then cycle on or off according to the humidistat to achieve desired levels. With Comfort-Aire dehumidifiers, excess moisture can be removed in three ways: continuous drainage with a hose, manual disposal with collection bucket or an optional dehumidifier pump to siphon out the excess moisture.

Additionally, models 501 and 601 come with 22-pint capacity buckets while other models share a 17.2 pint storage capacity. These buckets are fitted with easy-to-carry handles, allowing easier disposing of excess moisture. The strategic positioning of the bucket also makes it easy for users to remove or reinstall the bucket. With this, there is also no need for “over-flow” worries as once water level reach the maximum capacity, the unit will shut off automatically with the word “FULL” indicated on the LED display panel.

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