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The Need For A Basement Dehumidifier

A dehumidifier is great for making your indoor air less damp and maintaining the relative humidity in your home. Although many areas in your home (closets, baths, kitchen etc) could benefit from a dehumidifier, one place where a dehumidifier is absolutely essential is the basement. A basement is typically an area that is not often used and thus more prone to being damp. Add to this the fact that basements are generally below surface level and do not get a lot of free flowing air means that the humidity problems can be amplified further. This is why basement dehumidifiers can be very helpful.

Because of the high humidity present in basements, one usually sees a lot of mold formation in these areas. If you use it for storage purposes, you may also find mildew growing on many things. Mold and mildew can cause many health problems and the smell…eeeesh....need we say anything about that??? But you need not live with the unpleasant odor of mold in your basement. With a basement dehumidifier, you will not only control the growth of mold, fungi, and mildew, but will also be doing a lot to ensure the good health of your family.

For those who have children, basement dehumidifiers may perhaps be the best investment that they can make for the well being of their kids. If your kids are also banished to the basement to indulge in their noisy play as most kids are, you are putting their health at a great risk because of mold spores and dust mites. Thus, if excess humidity is a concern in your basement (which it is in more homes than not), you simply cannot do without a basement dehumidifier.

By choosing a basement dehumidifier with humidity control, you can ensure that your basement is well aired at all times, with the air quality being just right - not too damp and not very dry either.

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