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Maytag Dehumidifiers For Durability And Reliability

The Maytag Corporation got its name from its founder member, Mr. F. L. Maytag. This corporation, which is the manufacturer of the very sturdy and very reliable Maytag dehumidifiers, was started in 1893 in Newton, Iowa; where it has its headquarters till date. Initially founded as a farm implement company, Maytag went on to manufacture many different products for the home, including Maytag dehumidifiers.

The fact that Maytag belongs to the select group of Fortune 500 companies is another indicator of the excellence and quality of Maytag products. Although Maytag is truly an American company, one of America’s Most Admired ones in fact, it has a presence throughout the world. Along with the Maytag brand, the other names that Maytag markets its products under are Jenn-Air, Hoover, Amana, Jade, and Dixie-Narco. Without a doubt, Maytag is their best selling brand and the same can be said for Maytag's dehumidifiers.

Maytag Dehumidifier Facts

Maytag dehumidifiers are considered to be some of the toughest dehumidifiers in the market. This is because the shell of the unit and the water reservoirs of most Maytag dehumidifiers are constructed from a kind of plastic, which is much thicker than what is typically used for dehumidifiers. Another unique feature that makes these dehumidifiers stand out is their fan design, which is built in a manner so as to make the dehumidification process as efficient as can be.

Maytag-dehumidifiers comply with energy efficiency EPA rules and thus deserve their Energy Star rating. Some of these units are even capable of removing dampness in air with temperatures as low as 42 degrees F. A large whole house Maytag dehumidifier can comfortably dehumidify a home with 5-6 bedrooms and has a reservoir capacity of as much as 70 pints of water.

Thus, all in all, if it comes down to wanting a dehumidifier that is highly efficient, has extended warranty, is very durable, and cuts your energy costs; you simply cannot go wrong with a Maytag dehumidifier.

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